Monday, June 22, 2009

We knew Tom Frecska in his 20’s and cheered his accomplishments as he made his way up through the ranks at Screen Printing magazine. We were in awe of his writing skills, enjoyed his sense of humor, have been grateful for his kindness and constructive criticism of our feature submissions to the magazine. Like our colleagues, we are devastated by his early death. Tom’s many gifts as a human being, an editor and friend will be remembered and missed by all of us at RhinoTech.

Helping screen printers stay viable!

The pages of our industry’s magazines are shrinking. We noted just 44 in the last issue of Screen Printing magazine. Is our industry really shrinking too? We’ve observed that screen printers are trying to spend wisely regarding on-going supply needs and new equipment purchases. And there’s a question in that too - will purchases be strictly based on price or will brand loyalty preside? We’ve heard both. We urge a conversation if a change in supplies is strictly based on price. In this economy, it’s worth it. Talk to us.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

RhinoTech RhinoBond Crystal

Rhino Bond~Crystal has been tested by beaders and crafters (including our in-house jewelers). It's non-toxic, not sticky or runny and bonds even quicker in Florida or other high humidity areas. It dries clear and will adhere gemstones, rhinestones, sequins, shells or glitter to fabric. Works great to secure a knot. Our beaders have tried the other glues. Hands-down, RhinoBond~Crystal is a great product. It will bond skin to skin or anything else due to its strength, so handle with care and follow the directions.

RhinoBond~Crystal: 888-717-4466, 651-686-5027;;

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wild Use for RhinoBond

Wild! The following came to RhinoTech from a customer who shall remain nameless.

“I’m going to comment on endurance. I have your current product, Rhino Bond. I chipped a tooth on a candy bar one day and I had a bottle of your Rhino Bond RBA 1500. I would have to say a dentist couldn't have done a better job. My tooth hasn’t decayed or anything and the tooth is still there. I know this is not the recommended use for your product, but I just wanted to give you props. I plan on using it more often (in screen printing).”

He’s correct. Stick to using RhinoTech RhinoBond adhesive to adhere mesh to screen printing frames; not recommended ever for dental use! What an endorsement, though.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

RhinoClean Green for T-shirt and Hat Printers

I know…more green stuff, but RhinoTech shares the responsibility to influence the use of proactive green elements into the screen printing industry. We love our mother earth. With RhinoClean™ Green² ™, especially RhinoBond™ Green², this biodegradable, no waste adhesive will bond to all types of frames, dry in seconds and help reduce the carbon footprint on our environment. Love your mother earth too.