Wednesday, August 6, 2014

RESOLVED. No More Haze or Ghost Images - engineered by RhinoTech.

We're showcasing two, top performing haze removers. They've been endorsed as exceptional. How do we know this? Because...our world-wide customers tell us; their repeat business is testament.  They are the most significant endorsements our products can receive.

Hear it from the Expert.

A highly ranked review and comparison of both products, one a standard product and the other an eco-sensitive remover, comes from Jonathan Monaco of Owner/Catspit Productions. In this hands-on demonstration, he notes that HRG 2400, the environmentally-sensitive remover, works as well as the standard HR2800 in dissolving any residual ink, binders and more. Once applied, the haze images begin to disappear almost instantaneously. When pressure washed with an RS1500A High Pressure Screen Cleaner from RhinoTech or any other of the pressure washer options, intact and extremely clean screen frames reappear.

High Performing. Formidable.   

Features of HR 2800 Haze Remover and HRG2400 - a RhinoClean Green environmentally-sensitive product:

    Specially formulated thick liquid to remove imbedded U.V., conventional and Plastisol ink stains that remain on the screen following emulsion removal.

     Effectively lifts the haze and imbedded ink from the mesh, then emulsifies and dissolves the ink constituents: resins, binders, pigments, plasticizers, etc.

     The solution suspends these constituents, so reattachment to the mesh surface is blocked that allows for water-rinse removal.

     Acts as an excellent degreaser by removing dirt and residue. 
     Use Protective Gear.

Throughout the video demo, Jonathan continues to remind viewers that eye protection and gloves are a must when working with any screen cleaning chemicals. We couldn't agree more and you'll see that reminder in our MSDS information listed on each product's page on our website.

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