Wednesday, February 26, 2014


The new system that makes this type of digital printing possible is the RT SunAngel system  that includes Transfer paper, Toners in our DayBold Fluorescent and White, traditional CMYK and white; Laser printers. 

Stunning, 2-step process mimics the simplicity of all RhinoTech transfer systems:

This printing system involves a simple, TWO-STEP process using the A/Image Sheet where you will print on the smooth side & the B/Transfer Sheet with a white coating.

Step 1: Print design with DayBold printer on smooth side of A Sheet/Image sheet in a mirror image.

Step 2: Place B Transfer Sheet in WHITE laser printer to print WHITE portion of design.

Marry the Image and Transfer sheets. At this point, we like to use a laminator to make sure that there are no air pockets between the A and B sheets with the TRANSFER SHEET on top.

After lamination, place sheets on heat press, fold back a corner so that when it comes off press, you can HOT PEEL easily starting w/the corner and pulling back in one smooth motion. Place parchment sheet on top and heat press at 260°, medium – medium heavy pressure for 40 seconds. Next, trim excess paper around design on transfer

The final step to beautiful, eye-popping design results:
Next, place dark shirt on press; place parchment sheet on top of shirt and press
shirt for a few seconds to remove any moisture and wrinkles. Remove parchment paper.

Place design on shirt w/parchment paper on top. Press at 260°, medium to high pressure for 40 seconds. Remove parchment and let shirt cool to the touch (no more than 60 seconds).

Place shirt on press so that you have a firm surface in which to peel transfer. Next, place parchment on top of design. Press again for 20 seconds to make sure that transfer is embedded deeply into shirt fibers.   


If you would like an in-depth discussion on this cool, new system, contact Gregory Markus @ 651-686-5027651-686-5027 x 2 and all these other places:    888.717.4466

Friday, February 21, 2014

What Trade Show Season Does for Screen, Digital and Graphics Printers and RhinoTech!

DAX/Kansas City - Booth 602 - February 28-March 1, 2014
DAX/Minneapolis - Booth 617 - March 28-29, 2014
DAX/Chicagoland - Booth 417 - April 25-26, 2014
ISS/Atlantic City - March 14-16, 2014


So many to attend in a year! 

Why attend a trade show?

In one space, the trade floor show, you have the prime opportunity to see the latest, greatest screen, digital and graphics printing equipment, supplies and accessories. You'll get 1:1 time with business owners, technicians and sales reps. Your list of questions will get answered. You'll see demo's of equipment and products and take home samples pf eco-friendly screen cleaning chemicals such as RhinoClean Green Haze Remover, Press Wash, Screen Prep, Degreaser and more. 

Exhibitors will offer SHOW SPECIAL discounts and, often times, will sell the equipment off their booths at a deep discount rather than shipping it back to their place or origin.

You'll be able to attend printing specific seminars that offer hands-on training. For example, art design tools will be de-mystified like Smart Designer X6 Creative Assistant (offered by RhinoTech) that works with CorelDRAW X6 to uncomplicate it!

The most exciting heat transfer process that is RT SunAngel DARK - yes, print on DARK fabrics with Fluorescent and Brilliant, white, WHITE toners will dazzle! You'll have the ability to watch the transfer process and view the results of various types of heat transfer papers; see how different types of heat presses perform, learn about DTG, laser and inkjet printers and tap the experts to figure out which system would best fit your needs.  Learn how to expand your current textile screen printing shop with a digital printing set-up. Embroiderers can learn how a digital system will complement their set-up and keep all projects in-house.

Networking and parties - always available to attendees!

And, it's fun for exhibitors, as well. It's really enjoyable to meet the people we talk to via all technology. So...please stop by our booths at DAX (to start with) and introduce yourself. We're really looking forward to meeting you! And, if you'd like to set up a meeting, please contact us at We're happy to accommodate!    888.717.4466   651-686-5027

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hands-on Digital Printing Instruction from RhinoTech!

Moving into new location with training lab in 2012!
When we decided to move/expand our entire distribution, fulfillment and operations in 2012, we agreed that it had to include space for a large training facility. Though you might have missed our new Eagan, MN, location announcement at that time, we want to publicize, again, that we do have a great training facility with the following features:
  • a bright, comfortable work/training space (summer or winter!)
  • a wide range of heat presses on display for hands-on instruction
  • plenty of table space to lay-out and learn about all the types of heat transfer papers offered by RhinoTech
  • computer access to learn about SmartDesigner X6 Creative Assistant that is a digital art program that has been specifically designed to wrap into the Corel Draw X6 program. It minimizes the need to learn complex production techniques becoming a powerful design tool. And, it quickly creates high quality artwork that can be customized through production-ready clipart images and templates
  • the ability to offer one-on-one or group instruction on how to print on light and DARK garments; how to print on mugs, caps, plates, t-shirts, t-shirts and other garments
  • ability to learn about all of our latest, state-of-the-art RT SunAngel printers and toners (also available in brilliant Fluorescent and white, WHITE)
  • opportunity to meet the RhinoTech team
  •  instruction from guys who have readily embraced technology and transitioned excitedly!
  • excellent conversation w/large selection of coffees including Latte, Cappuccino  Espresso, French Vanilla Espresso (each cup individually ground) and other beverages!
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