Wednesday, March 12, 2014

SingleStep™ and SinglePrint™ Perform with latest RT SunAngel Heat Transfer Systems.

Double-Duty Printing from RhinoTech!
For digital printers already using SingleStep  and SinglePrint  heat transfer paper from RhinoTech, we want to let you know that these incredible, weedless papers can also be easily incorporated into the RT SunAngel DARK heat transfer printing systems. These include heat transfer papers with printers that offer dazzling Daybold Flurorescent color and White toners; a system that features CMYK with White toner.

Produce this!
It enables operators to produce finely detailed, rich color and fluorescent images while dramatically reducing production time.

We are listening!
 … to the women who are forever on the search for that one, absolutely ultra-fabulous T-shirt fit with fashionable design. We've found that most wanted are vibrant motifs on performance fitting, soft, DARK Ts that breathe and retain their shape and image after washing.

We also understand that just as one size does not fill all, neither does one design fit all. So...through our diverse types of digital printing systems (RT SunAngel, SingleStepand SinglePrint™) and the resulting, excellent washability characteristics of beautifully printed apparel and fabrics, the options that women want are even easier to attain. 
We've got the systems. The price points are amazing. Go for it!

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