Thursday, July 17, 2014

Answers to Some Start-Up Digital Printing Questions

What is the learning curve for a person new to digital printing?
Great question! To help reduce the learning curve in every aspect for a person entering this field, RhinoTech offers its Digital Transfer Division. We specialize in helping new operators learn about easy-to-use heat transfer papers, printers and heat press equipment through in-person and step-by-step, hands-on instruction at our Eagan, MN-based training facility. In just a few hours/days, the new printer can be printing.

We also work with the new start-up operator to help meet specific price points and work/inventory space needs whether a home-based type studio printing situation, a small, storefront arrangement or for a large commercial screen printing entity with sights on expanding into digital, heat transfer printing. This greatly reduces the time it takes to investigate digital printing systems. 
Description of some of the heat press equipment: The RT DK20S combines a heavy-duty solid steel industrial grade pressing framework with accurate and easy to use electronics to provide the operator with the best possible features and equipment needed for various heat transfer applications. This press is an industry champ as the top-end robust workhorse of all swing away heat presses.

The RT DK25S is the jumbo-sized version with a 20x25 heat platen. This press is also available in an air-operated automatic version, the DK20SP.

The RT RT1515 heat press has a platen size of 15” x 15” with digital
temperature and time gauges. It’s the perfect small format heat press for a start-up in a home-based, studio or storefront business. Its swing-away design makes it extremely user-friendly offering unobstructed access to the lower platen.  Loading garments and placing transfers is hassle-free.

The RT Cap/Hat Press features a special spring loaded cap mounting clamp, extra working room for mounting a hat, full range pressure application, automatic Alarm/Timer with Digital temperature, timer display and alarm. The RT Plate Press with a 4" and 6" impression area that is an easy to operate press that is multi-functional for printing images onto apparel and fabrics.
Because the precision design of RhinoTech heat presses includes temperature and time sensors, new, start-up printers can maintain focus on honing their “touch and pressure” skills. These two skills are generally perfected in a few hours as the beginning printer becomes familiar with the “feel” of the heat press.

All of our heat presses can be used in conjunction with the latest generation of heat transfer papers, toners and printers. These include the RT SunAngel DARK series with Fluorescent and White and CMYK and White toners;
printed with RT SunAngel DARK w/Fluorescent color + white!
SingleStep™and SinglePrintheat transfer laser papers and  SingleJet™ that is used with an inkjet printer.

Next question. What is the advice regarding the purchase of digital
printing equipment? 

Our advice is: 1) don’t purchase random equipment. Investigate systems that are compatible. The RhinoTech web store through it's Digital Transfer division features systems that work together, that have been tested and tested many times over so that customers can feel secure that they are purchasing recommended equipment to get the job done. This saves the start-up printer time, money and effort in the long term; 

2) compare prices - don’t just purchase the ‘cheapest’ equipment as often you get what you pay for. RhinoTech offers competitive pricing by continuing to compare/analyze equipment and remain out-front regarding the latest digital heat transfer equipment, papers, printers, toners;

3) make sure that the equipment and supplies needed will fit into the work space. RhinoTech regularly advises customers on systems and system lay-out for best printing set-up to gain maximum efficiency;  

4) get proper training and follow all instructional material. RhinoTech offers educational, step-by-step, how-to videos. Videos and/or one-on-one training ensure that the learning curve is minimal and that the start-up/customer has an accessible source of training, 24/7.

RhinoTech also has a responsive customer service team. This helps to provide a strong initial framework for the start-up digital printer who shouldn’t hesitate to make use of this assistance.

And, we offer FREE SHIPPING opps with orders of $50+ in the contiguous U.S. (we also ship world-wide).

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