Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Wow-Factor in Women's Wear.

Special Effects and trends in Women's Wear is a hot topic in our industry - always. In the March 2015 issue of Impressions, Thomas Trimingham in "Adding the WOW to Womenswear" weighs in on the subject regarding special effects, styles and more. It's an interesting overview, for sure, for any business.

We believe the following to remain true and certain with regard to Women's Wear. Regardless of age, women have very specific desires regarding the T-shirts that they want to wear. Whether for sports, evening or everyday, casual wear, the essential elements of a most-loved T-shirt are a flattering fit, performance and breathe-ability, fabric-type and a soft, light-weight feel.

The image size. The design.The image colors. The design shape and placement on the shirt.  The subtlety or spark and flair of the design.  The WOW-factor. All combine when considering a purchase. 

To digitally print on DARK t-shirts and apparel, we offer RhinoDARK (available in 81/2 x 11 and 11/17) 
and RT SunAngel DARK heat transfer papers and printers w/Fluorescent, White and CMYK toners. For white and light color t-shirts and garments, we offer SingleStep Heat Transfer Paper. Use RT SunAngel Printers with this exceptional paper, as well.
These systems will deliver! 


Rhinestones and Textile Metallic Foil offer two of the ways to create the WOW effect. We're big on these elements when  more substantial or subtle effects are required. Like the heart-shaped rhinestone pattern pictured, it offers just enough of a sparkle to make this shirt design a stand-out without making it over-the-top. Less is more in this case.  Adding beads, pearls, glitter and embroidery can also generate a sensational effect.

For women desiring a big display of bling, a large pattern of rhinestones can be digitally heat pressed onto a T-shirt over a design. This holds true for Textile Metallic Foil that can also be heat pressed onto a shirt to offer even richer texture and color as evidenced in this video: RT SunAngel DARK Part 3 - this is how you add more digital dazzle.

Thanks, immensely, for reading the this and the Impressions article and for watching our step-by-step, How-To videos.  We're here to help you be wildly successful!

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