Tuesday, July 31, 2012

SingleStep™ Heat Transfer Laser Paper

 Just rolled  out this new, step-by-step video on SingleStep that is the newest, most expedient way to print with a heat press. The paper is self-weeding so that the end product looks as if it was actually screen printed. And it enables printing with textile metallic foil to decorate on dark or light fabrics.

How it Works. 
SingleStepis self-weeding using a single-sheet process to transfer a solid image without the background. Only the toner with colors that are 30% or darker on the grey scale (the image) transfer, not the background film.    
  The image appears as if it were screen-printed onto the textile.  

SingleStep can be used on most color laser copiers or color laser printers (both the older low temperature color laser copiers/printers that use fuser oil and the newer high temperature color laser copiers/printers that do not use fuser oil).  SingleStep will not work on ink jet printers. 
 SingleStep can also be used with Textile Metallic Foil to decorate DARK or light fabrics!   

Available in:
8.5" x 11"     50 sheet pack  or  100 sheet pack                         
11"  x 17"     50 sheet pack  or  100 sheet pack  
Sale in Progress -  8/7/2012.  
Order On-Line w/Code: SS8712 @ 
rhinotechinc.com for 15% discount.
Check out FREE SHIPPING options for orders $50+

In celebration of this simple, brilliant system, take advantage of the following sale - through 8/7/2012.  Order On-Line w/Code: SS8712 @ rhinotechinc.com for 15% discount. Check out FREE SHIPPING options for orders $50+

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Do you Need a Hand Stretcher for your Screen Printing Business?

RhinoTech presents the RhinoStretch™ Screen Stretcher.

This step-by-step video teaches you how to easily stretch mesh onto a screen and avoid bonding your fingers together in the process. All in all, this 18" hand stretcher + frame + 110 mesh + RhinoBond Toughened Adhesive 100 + RBP 1500A activator ( to hasten drying of adhesive) = a perfectly stretched screen printing frame.
From the video, you can see that the system is a simple, easy and space saving way to stretch screens in any size shop including home, garage or studio. $155 for the 18" hand stretcher is a great way to start.
The entire range of RhinoTech Screen Stretching systems can be found at: www.rhinotechinc.com

If you have questions: gregory@rhinotechinc.com. Good luck and thanks for watching.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Here's to Your Inner T-Shirt.

Somewhere along the line, I got the impression that as a person aged, the T-Shirt attire was supposed to be exchanged for a more presentable, business-like apparel; that a t-shirt screaming Aeorosmith, Property of MSU Athletic Department, Guns N Roses, Rolling Stones (with tongue), even for after work wear, should be left to a much younger generation. So I gave in.

Well, now I'm at a bigger age and I'm not gonna take it anymore. Here's to the

 and they're unabashed love for the printed T-Shirt and their brazen declaration that resonates with most of us: deep down, we're all t-shirt whores. Check them out at The T-Shirt Whore and be amazed.

And for all your textile and graphics screen printing needs:

rhinotechinc.com   EXCELLENT ADHESIVE/GLUE (ask the T-Shirt Whore for a recommendation).

888.717.4466   651.686-5027
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Friday, July 6, 2012

RhinoTech Spray Adhesive and Screen Openers for Screen and Graphics Printers

RBA 3 Web adhesive aerosol is used w/fleece products. It's an environmentally-sensitive product; bonds easily to a variety of materials without transferring adhesive to the fabric; enables material to stay in place without shifting during the screen printing process; repositionable.

RBA 2 Adhesive Mist has a very fine mist and is one recommended by Catspit Productions.

Also recommended by Catspit Productions who produced this video for RhinoTech: SO105 that is a screen opener for plastisol inks. Spray directly on screen or rag to open clogs on screen frame.

SO100 that is a screen opener for water-based inks. It is a very user and eco-friendly, biodegradable product.

www.rhinotechinc.com           info@rhinotechinc.com         

twitter.com/rhinomitemn      888.717.4466            651-656-5027

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Monday, July 2, 2012

Print 1 T-shirt or 200 with Ease!

RhinoTech Heat Transfer Technologies includes a range of heat presses and transfer papers. These enable screen printers to have the advantage of both traditional and heat press printing in one space. Heat press technology enables short run projects to be expedited and to stay in-house. Equipment space saving features, minimal inventory requirements and recyclable papers are also serious advantages.

Printed with SingleStep

Heatpress technology and papers include:

• the uPress 1620 that is a high performance, industrial strength system with a 16” x 20” platen size. The uPress 1620 HD is its heavy duty format counterpart.

• The mPress #1 Mug Heat Press is a great start-up press with digital display and touch keys that make it easy to adjust controls.

• RhinoScreen 1620 is a power-packed, table-top system. It features a clam shell unit with a platen size of 16” x 20”. Its wide, easy to use, precision center floating heat platen makes it the most widely used printer in the industry.

• 3G Jet-Opaque Ink Jet Paper that offers printable transfers to dark fabrics.

• SingleStep Weed-Less Laser Paper that only transfers the toner not the background film!  Can also be used with foils to decorate dark fabrics.

• Jet Pro Active Wear Ink Jet Paper that is excellent for athletic wear and synthetic fibers.

• JetPro SoftStretch Ink Jet Paper that is soft, stretchy heat transfer paper with unbelievable elasticity.

For specific information: Gregory Markus, president, 651-686-5027 ext. 2, gregory@rhinotechinc.com

Todd Michaels, VP/Operations, 651-686-5027 ext. 1
888.717.4466;  651.686-5027