Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fun for the Whole Family.

Another fun product is 
RhinoJet Ink Jet Film. It’s an especially great product to use when film density is key to exposing a screen; it's a pivotal aspect involved in the whole screen printing and graphics printing processes.

To be sure: 100% film density is fundamental to ensuring that there will be no light migration through the black areas of the film positive; that no light will seep through into the areas of the screen that you want to leave open for ink flow.

RhinoJet is that film; the film that is 5 millimeters and absolutely optically clear for creating a film positive.  As a polyester carrier, it offers exceptional stability from temperature changes that create expansion and contraction of the film.  RhinoJet enables easy registration for printing multi-color projects. And it has a waterproof coating on the side of the film that is screen printed via an ink jet printer. 

Here are a few tips when you begin to print with an ink jet printer: 1)  adjust the setting to high definition; 2) select gloss surface. 

By taking these few simple steps, you will increase the density of the ink lay down that is critical when exposing screens. 

We all want our projects to turn our correctly the first time for a number of reasons (think less mistakes, more profits). By following the few tips along with a high quality film, you will bypass the “oops” of letting light migration penetrate the dark areas of the film positive.

These Waterproof Clear Films are manufactured of a very unique fast drying formulation that works with both Pigment and Dye based inks used in most inkjet printers. RhinoJet allows for minimal dot gain, dries on contact and has maximum density technology. This product is used widely with newer inkjet printers and high volume production printers in both screen print and offset prepress rooms to generate film positives or negatives.

RhinoJet Film is the industry’s leading Water Proof Positive technology that also leads in affordability.  This 5 millimeter thick, specially formulated film is ideal for optimal density, drying time, halftone, shape, image clarity, shelf lifetime and for use with an Epson inkjet printer.

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