Friday, July 6, 2012

RhinoTech Spray Adhesive and Screen Openers for Screen and Graphics Printers

RBA 3 Web adhesive aerosol is used w/fleece products. It's an environmentally-sensitive product; bonds easily to a variety of materials without transferring adhesive to the fabric; enables material to stay in place without shifting during the screen printing process; repositionable.

RBA 2 Adhesive Mist has a very fine mist and is one recommended by Catspit Productions.

Also recommended by Catspit Productions who produced this video for RhinoTech: SO105 that is a screen opener for plastisol inks. Spray directly on screen or rag to open clogs on screen frame.

SO100 that is a screen opener for water-based inks. It is a very user and eco-friendly, biodegradable product.           888.717.4466            651-656-5027

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