Thursday, August 11, 2016

Custom Mouse Pads.

Mouse pad printing made easy with SingleStep™

Again, this laser paper offers a finished product that looks as if it’s been screen printed.  When transferred onto white/light color mouse pads, it leaves no window; only the toner transfers. And, it’s weedless. It’s available in 8.5” x 11” and 11” x 17”

To print the design, we used the OKI c831-TS LASER printer that is a CMYK printer. Simply follow directions on the instruction sheet that is included. And, we recommend using a Swingman 20 Heat Press with digital time, temperature and pressure controls.

Follow these steps to create a Mouse Pad:

-Print design in MIRROR IMAGE, so that it will end up being RIGHT READING.
-Position mouse pad onto heat press bed.
-With MEDIUM PRESSURE, heat press for 25 seconds at 330° F.
- Carefully, HOT PEEL the transfer by beginning at a corner and rolling the paper back in one smooth motion.

And, that’s it. In just 30 seconds, your customer can have a customized mouse pad.


- SingleStep™ Heat Transfer Paper that offers an easy step toward adding another dimension of customer service to a digital, screen printing or embroidery shop with little investment.
-Swingman20 Heat Press with digital time, temp and pressure controls – a must-have.

Craftsters and hobbyists can also easily work with this affordable system in a home-based studio or garage environment.

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