Monday, May 23, 2016

The Versatility of the T-shirt Sets the Standard.

Diane Von Furstenberg, NYC
We're always re-defining ourselves, it seems, especially when it comes to fashion and the need to be comfortable. So - we propose these stylish, yet, classic looks for evening and special occasions by rejuvenating the going-out dress code. Yes, pair a fave graphic, glam, vintage or rocker T-shirt that is in-good-shape and form-fitting with a long, flowy skirt or flowy pants like on the mannequin.  
For men, the same dress-up-with-comfort appeal holds true especially when pairing a favorite, great fitting, in-good-condition t-shirt under a jacket with dress jeans and cool shoes. Both looks are the ultimate in evening wear from NYC, Gladwin, L.A., Sioux Falls to Miami. Whether on small or grand scales, these ensembles resonate due to their subtle chic and the big comfort factor.

Take the look (at right) to a whole new level by pairing with a black tuxedo jacket. Striking. 

TOOLS for SCREEN and DIGITAL PRINTERS powered by RhinoTech

Easily create a multi-media evening or event look for your customers with the use of screen printed and digitally, heat transferred printed T-shirts and tanks.  By overlaying textile metallic foil, rhinestones and strategic embroidery (that cost just pennies to add, but increase product value), specialty decorative garments will enable your customers to radiate a sublime sophistication or, quite elegantly, revamp their dress-up statement. 

For the perfect, digitally printed Tee or tank, use RhinoDARK™ for all dark garments and SingleStep (for light color apparel) heat transfer papers (that work with laser printers). These papers induce a finished product that is very similar to a screen printed Tee and the more they are washed, the softer they feel.

Both of these self-weeding papers offer brilliant color and intense white on DARK and light color garments on Dri-Fit/polyester, 100% cotton and 50/50 blends.

Create these looks for customers with an assortment how-to videos that describe technique. And, premiere equipment and products that include: manual, textile screen printers, conveyor and flash dryers, drying cabinets, screen stretchers, pre-stretched screen frames with excellent mesh counts, screen cleaning equipment, screen frame glue, screen cleaning products including soy and citrus-based chemicals, automatic ink removal systems (and much more) and screen printing supplies available from RhinoTech.

 is available on all orders of $50+ when delivered in the contiguous U.S.A. (and we do ship world-wide).

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