Tuesday, September 25, 2012

An Express Delivery by Todd Michaels/RhinoTech tells it all at NBM Philly!

Kudo's to Todd Michaels for his ripstop interview during the NBM show in Philadelphia. He profiled RhinoClean Green products, washout booths and way more in a mere few minutes. Fast, furious and totally on spot! Check out all products at RhinoTech.
888.717.4466    todd@rhinotechinc.com   

And find us in all these locations, too.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Screen Printing Give-a-way!

Rhyme or not, use Catspit in your original free verse, limerick, poem, jingle or more (per Jonathan's rules) and you could just be the big winner of these RhinoTech products: RhinoClean Green² SO100 Screen Opener, RhinoClean SO105 Screen Opener, RhinoClean Green² RhinoBond RBA2 Adhesive Mist and/or RhinoClean GreenÂȘ RhinoBond RBA3 Adhesive Web.

You have until October 1st. Let your creativity flow!

Thanks to contest promoter - Catspit Productions.




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Thursday, September 6, 2012

SingleStep™ Heat Transfer Laser Paper is the BOMB!

SingleStep is self-weeding so that the end product looks as if it was actually screen printed. And you can use it with textile metallic foil to decorate on dark or light fabrics.
How it Works. 
SingleStepis self-weeding using a single-sheet process to transfer a solid image without the background. Only the toner with colors that are 30% or darker on the grey scale (the image) transfer, not the background film. The image appears as if it were screen-printed onto the textile.  
SingleStep can be used on most color laser copiers or color laser printers (both the older low temperature color laser copiers/printers that use fuser oil and the newer high temperature color laser copiers/printers that do not use fuser oil).  SingleStep will not work on ink jet printers. 
 SingleStep can also be used with Textile Metallic Foil to decorate DARK or light fabrics!   

Available in:
8.5" x 11"     50 sheet pack  or  100 sheet pack                         
11"  x 17"     50 sheet pack  or  100 sheet pack