Wednesday, February 27, 2013


In every single facet of our personal and work lives, the only thing we can expect is change!

So…before it’s upon you, check out your options to improve your screen or graphics printing company’s bottom line by expanding in ways to capture every bit of potential business that presents itself. Especially for customers who just want one shirt or other smaller type orders, it’s essential to serve them…they’re essential to build/maintain your customer base. Really, you need to check out the latest heat transfer technology that is radically changing our industry - in a good way!

Even for the ‘purists’ who snub heat transfer printing feeling that it isn’t real printing, please understand that the newest transfer papers and equipment are technologically impressive and will continue to allow you to create and please your customers at the same time.

Do you have an HP injet printer? If yes, purchase some SingleJet™ heat transfer paper and try it for a minimal outlay of $10.99. The result will be brilliant, vivid color bursts of design that appear when printed on white and light color fabrics. You can also use this paper to print a photo; flat color design text, block graphics and spot colors. It can be used with a heat press or basic home-type iron.
Printed on a white T.
 These are the newest trio of superior producing papers from RhinoTech
Spend a lot or spend a little at $10.99 for a 10 pack of 8.5″ x 11″ SingleJet™ paper or $1,245 for a laser printer, heat press & a 100 pack of 8.5”x11” SingleStep™ Weedless Laser Paper

Be the force that will change your destiny.   
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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Say I Love You with a Heavy Duty Pressure Washer!

Here's the MaMa of all Valentine's Day gifts for that special screen/graphics printer in your life ! It's the RS 1500A Pressure Washer - the one gift that will keep on giving for thousands and thousands of hours and years and years and years (as opposed to home owner units that last just150 hours)! It's easy to store due to its compact size; is heavy duty at 55 lbs; has an adjustable nozzle with a 26' long hose with powerful 250-1,500 PSI!

Save money! 
Save Time!

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Heavy Duty Pressure Washer - the gift to yourself that keeps on giving!

RS 1500 Pressure Washer. Heavy Duty. Industry-worthy! Simple to Operate! Lasts for Years and Years and Years! 55 lbs. Easy to Store! Adjustable nozzle. 26' long hose. 250-1,500 PSI.

Take it from Jonathan of Catspit Productions who is tired of buying units from the home improvement store that might last 6-8 months. Because these systems are generally designed for the homeowner at a low price and purposely "designed down" for just about 150 hours of use, they are definitely not the most economical solution to a screen printers needs.

The solution is the RS 1500A Pressure Cleaner that, in the long run, will save all screen and graphics printers everywhere money and time.

Thanks for watching this video and commenting.

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Monday, February 4, 2013

Managing Risk on a Tightrope!

So…I’m still thinking about Nik Wallenda’s successful high wire walk without a net last week (he’s the guy who skywalked Niagara Falls). I watched, reluctantly, and w/great fear for his safety while he walked fearlessly, relying on about 10-12 others on the ground who anchored the tightrope by steadying guide ropes that were attached to the high wire. And it was a windy day. And his wife and children were watching.

I don’t understand that type of risk-taking, yet I feel that in business, it’s a tightrope affair pretty much all the time. Do you agree? 

When Nik Wallenda reached the platform at the top of the crane, he didn’t hesitate. He just stepped onto the wire and walked toward his goal. And I’m certain that he just “went for it” because of extensive, painstaking preparation and trust that allowed him to manage the risk.

I think his pre-walk techniques are the key for all of us in business; to do what is necessary to manage risk. By being meticulous in comparing experience, quality and prices and figuring out who will
‘have our backs’  for the long-term, we prepare ourselves to minimize risk and potential hasty decisions. 

Good luck out there. We've got your backAnd thanks for reading!

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