Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The "New Normal"!

RhinoTech expands its Digital Transfer Systems division for you!
This growth enables screen and graphics printers to build their internal printing services by entering into the digital era. With this step, printers gain participation in the ‘new normal’ that is to provide full-circle services to meet needs of all customers. With minimal start-up funds, space and inventory requirements, advancement into digital printing is stellar.The following options, that have cleared the product review tests, are available from RhinoTech:

       SingleJet™   that is jaw-dropping transfer paper technology boldly illustrating that not all Inkjet transfer papers are created equal! This latest paper offers a refined, one step heat transfer paper process. Used with an RS1620 Swing-Away Heat press with premier temperature control and an Epson Inkjet printer (the 1430 will print up to 13"x19") or an HP Inkjet printer, the results are vivid color bursts of design that appear on white and light colored fabrics. The paper can be used to print a photo, flat color design text, block graphics or spot colors. 
Printed w/SingleStep

SingleStep™ that is a self-weeding, heat transfer laser paper that use asingle-sheet process to transfer toner, not the background film onto light fabrics! Used with Textile Metallic Foil, it solves the problem of printing on DARK fabrics! Creating rich texture with foil also provides a value-added product. This system enables the image to appear as if it were screen-printed.  

       SinglePrint™ that paves the way for multi-surface printing. This one sheet transfer laser paper is weedless and only transfers a solid image (toner)! Use it to transfer designs and photos to White or Light colored Metal, Plastic, Ceramic Tile and Mugs, Plaques, Glass, Leather and various types of Card Stock.  No ghost images will surround the print. The image appears as if it were screen printed.

 Both SingleStep and SinglePrint™  can be used on a number of color laser copiers or color laser printers, however, we recommend the GO UNO and OKI Data printers for superb results.  

Advantages of digital systems: 
Print on demand! Data base driven print files! Use for fine art projects! Revolutionizes photo printing! A larger customer base can be created! Real time pay-off! A value-added way  to expand options! A way to complete even the smallest projects w/o charging set-up fees! Minimal investment! Minimal space and inventory needs! Ensures wildly happy customers!

FREE SHIPPING (as always in contiguous U.S.)
 on orders of $50+!  

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