Friday, February 17, 2012

Environmentally Safe and User Friendly Screen Printing Chemicals for All!

Screen Printing Chemicals that Up   Your Eco-Consciousness.............................

This video depicts electrifying on-press, pre-press and post-press products that  are compatible with all printing screen frames. These enable graphics and textile screen printers to have the latest  “green” products at their disposal. And even the worst jobs in the shop such as removing the stencil are made more palatable, as a result of their use. Those dreaded ghost images can be removed expediently with what has been described as the best haze remover on the market today that is part of this group of chemicals.

Check out the video and this brilliant chemical line, use it with t-shirt, caps, sleeves, pockets screen frames and make more money.

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And, lastly, thanks for viewing another great training video produced in conjunction with Catspit Productions.