Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Magical Screen Printing Screen Stretching Systems and Degreaser!

The RhinoStretch Pneumatic Bar System is the only stretching system available that enables continuous corner softening capabilities throughout the tensioning process. The Model 300 is available in both Table Top and Floor Standing versions that have been designed with precision, speed and accuracy in mind with the ability to handle small frames up to size 36” x 36”. This system enables the fabric tension to be stabilized on the entire frame. Separate regulators and gauges allow complete adjustment in the weft and warp, maintaining repeatable uniform tension – screen after screen. Each stretcher is custom built with high quality materials that assure long lasting service. Additional features: 3 Stroke with a 2" Cylinder Bore,  Stainless steel shaft,  Flexible locking bar design,  Fabric softening under tension, Easy frame size adjustment,  Fabric anti-slip locking bar, Pre-bows frame,  Independent regulators, Operates on low air pressure.

RhinoClean™ GREEN²™ Degreaser DGG² 2200™  is a  biodegradable degreaser, a non-abrasive fabric treatment that acts like a wetting agent for use on all synthetic and wire screen mesh. It provides an even sheeting of water for complete uniform stencil adhesion, improves film lamination and bonding of direct photo emulsions. It can be used before each stencil preparation;   used alone or mixed 1:4 with water.

All product information can be viewed on-line @ www.rhinotechinc.com along with ability to order directly from website. Take advantage of RhinoMoney discount opportunity and free freight when a $50 order is placed for delivery in contiguous U.S. (see specifications @ www.rhinotechinc.com).  Find us @ facebook.com/rhinotech; twitter.com/rhinomitemn; youtube.com/rhinotechcompany. Contact us at info@rhinotechinc.com; 888.717.4466, 651.686-5027.