Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Another way to Digitally Print on DARK Apparel and Fabrics.

Because we want to offer you the best options for digital printing, we’ve rolled out SingleJet Opaque heat transfer paper for use with recommended HP and Epson inkjet printers. This paper (available in 8.5" x 11" and 11" x 17") is simple to use; basically, an image is printed right reading, the edges of the design are trimmed, the vinyl surface is peeled off and placed in position on the shirt and then heat pressed. 

These are the steps to creating an impressive t-shirt:

Place black shirt on platen, cover w/parchment paper and press shirt for a few seconds to remove moisture and wrinkles.

Remove parchment paper.

Peel film, position design, cover with parchment paper and press for 15 seconds at 360 degrees F with the RTSW 1620 Heat press w/digital controls. 

Let shirt cool to the touch before peeling parchment paper off to showcase your design. And...that...is...it! 

More Features of SingleJet Opaque from RhinoTech.

Vibrant color on black and all dark apparel and fabrics!  Great bond to fabric! Most excellent washability characteristics!

We so appreciate your interest in all our digital transfer systems and wish you much success in your printing endeavors. If you have questions, please call our Customer Service Specialist at 651-686-5027 x 4. We’re here to help!

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Digitally On-Trend with Black & White!

RhinoTech Covers Volleyball Team with B and W!
Warm and motivated in their black t-shirts printed with brilliant white toner courtesy of RhinoTech, the "Sets on the Beach" volleyball team won top place at the University of St. Thomas' 3rd Annual Wellness Center Beach Volleyball Tournament. 

Held on May 3 in Minneapolis, MN, the Team, captained by Alyssa Michaels, braved chilly spring weather to get a jump on outdoor activity after an unrelenting MN winter. Playing on sand and grass volleyball courts, the event inaugurated the beginning of outdoor intramural competition, the necessity of maintaining a healthy body and mind and all-in-good-fun competition for students needing to bust out of the confines of a classroom.

Digitally Printing with the RT SunAngel WHITE System.
This system is straightforward and easy to use due to a 2-step image printing process. Using the RT33WB printer with two white toner cartridges to ensure opacity, the operator begin by using an Image Sheet and a Transfer Sheet. But, instead of offering directions here, checkout the RT SunAngel Part 2 video that uses the same method to print with white toner on black as it does to print color on dark apparel.
As an aside and to further drive home the ease of this system, Team Captain Alyssa asked if she could try to print shirt. In about 15 minutes, she learned how to marry the Image and Transfer sheets and mastered the rest of the steps to print including gaining the “feel” of the heat press and the 'perfect' pressure.

On-Trend in Black and White.
Whether its color blocked, a graphic design, black and white strips, black flowers on white or polka dots, B and W is what is trending today! And, really, is this blend ever NOT on trend?

Let us help you be as progressive as possible in the world of digital printing with the dynamic RT SunAngel series. 

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