Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Revolutionize your Screen Printing Shop Environment!

Protect your septic and plumbing systems. Meet all important regulations by disposing of emulsion and ink by-products with an incredible, screen cleaning FILTRATION SYSTEM.

A pump and a 2/canister filtration arrangement make it a Triple Action way to ensure that all liquid is filtered and that and particles accumulate. This system fits underneath RhinoTech Washout Booths and most others making it exceptionally space saving. It's easy to use and set-up and a cost-effective way to round out your screen cleaning shop set-up.

Like all RhinoTech systems, the M10 is constructed of chemical-resistant Polypropylene. It is available w/a 50 yard roll of 10 Micron Filtration Media and has a drain-ready connection. In shops with tight floor space, it fits securely under a RhinoTech Washout Booth and most others. A Discharge Pump can be added, if required. It’s simple to install and an economical addition when it’s important to conform to standards regarding disposal of emulsion and ink by-products.

It's a perfect, start-up unit to round out a screen cleaning shop set-up. The M5 is a multi-screen, manual system that comes with 10 sheets of 10 Micron Filtration Media. It fits underneath a RhinoTech Washout Booth and most others to offer a space-saving feature when work space is tight. Install it easily and gain a way to ensure that what goes down the drain meets all local, state and federal regulations.

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