Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A Screen Printing Story

After examining every inch of our washout booth (and exposure system, drying rack and dip tank) on our trade show booth exhibit, we heard the audible, cringe-worthy whisper of one (potential) customer to another, “don’t buy it, build it”.  

Don't Make It, Buy It

That statement is definitely not something that a manufacturer or rep of all-things-screen printing wants to ever overhear. But…we get it. It’s understandable in a creative industry where small business owners are used to finding ingenious solutions to their needs when money is tight, especially in the start-up phase of a one or two-person operation.

And, hey, we did this in another venue when the overload of medieval jousting, food (especially the very large turkey legs), revelry and costumes added up to making a fateful decision like deciding NOT to spend $25 for a sparkly, little princess-type, cone-shaped veil/hat because “it could be made for far less money yet, equally as well done". Well, for double the money (or more – lost track of expenses) and about 25 hours of tedious sewing,  the veil/cone hat should have just been purchased - the end. LESSON LEARNED.

And, really, the same principal applies when it comes to the “make it, don’t buy it” sentiment, especially when the story is scary. The worst that was told to us was the customer who built a makeshift, glass shower door washout booth that ended up shattering (no one was hurt). Not much of a savings with that one, but LESSON LEARNED. A RhinoClean washout booth purchased. 

We hope you’ll take some time to review our washout booths in standard sizes and all the other equipment that goes into assembling the functions required of a screen printing business. You’ll be wildly happy that you did, especially because it’s affordable and well-made.

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RhinoClean Washout Booths offer standard and custom sizes in both Polypro and stainless steel. 

Dip Tanks offer a way to remove emulsion quickly and efficiently. Use it with multi-purpose AP1000 or other RhinoClean Emulsion Removers.

Pressure Washers range from automatic to manual cleaners. The choices are numerous; our top selling pressure washer is the RS150A.

Filtration Systems – three great systems and sizes with triple-action filtration for the max.