Friday, July 29, 2016

Screen Frame and Stretching Tools Kit from RhinoTech

This new frame system can be used as a stand-alone or to complement the RhinoScreen™ 2.0 Dry Stencil Film system with its disposable screen mesh option.
View our step-by-step video demo with screen frame assembly instructions and the excellent results you’ll achieve. Especially notable is the 30 Newton or greater tension of the mesh.

Want some options?

Option 1: Purchase the Screen Frame system as a KIT that includes: aluminum screen frame (assembly required), 3 pieces of 125 mesh, 2/stretching devices, a locking tool, coded color spines, mini-squeegee.

Option 2: Order frames independently choosing RS-Mesh available in 10 packs of either 125 or 160 mesh.


-Screen Frames are self-tensioning that easily lock into place with locking bolts.

-Frame is 21” x 25” and will fit onto a 
16” x 20 heat press bed.

-RS-Mesh is pre-cut to 24” x  28” for 125 and 160 mesh counts.

 is yours with a $50 purchase that is delivered in the contiguous U.S.A.

And, we do ship world-wide.

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