Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What is a Screen Opener?

 The term Screen Opener references a product used in textile and graphics screen printing that helps to open up and loosen the mesh fibers on a screen frame that have been clogged with ink as a result of low or high volume ink passes during the printing process.

During a multi-color printing job or a one-color project, it's important that the screen frame mesh remain free and clear of ink jams! And, the results will be vibrant, sharp designs on T-shirts, hats/caps, sweat pants, hoodies, shoes, card stock, vinyl, plexiglass, metal and more.

Choosing the Screen Opener that's right for you!
When printing with water-based inks only, we recommend RhinoClean Green² SO100 that is biodegradable. For use on all types of screen printing inks, SO105 is a proven screen opener that quickly flashes off the screen without leaving film residue (it's also biodegradable). Featured on the RhinoTech and Catspit Productions youtube channels, these hard-working products are showcased in action!
Check this out for a Screen Opener demo w/ intro on Spray Tacks)
  1. Screen Openers work fast, saving on downtime!
  2. Once the ink is loosened and flashed off, the screen frame can be used over and over again!
  3.  Screen openers can be used with aluminum, wood, metal, rolling and retentionable screen frames. 
  4.  RhinoTech offers FREE SHIPPING opportunities on these (and all) products with an order of $50 or more (in contiguous U.S.)
  5. A 20% discount on Screen Openers is good from October 8-12, 2013. Use coupon code: SO2103. And, during this promotion only, if your order for one or both of these products is less than $50, just pay the regular $15 shipping charge. When your order ships, we'll refund $7.50 back to you.
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