Monday, February 6, 2012

High Pressure Screen Frame Cleaning System by RhinoTech

 Filmed at the Imprinted Sportswear Show in Long Beach, we give you  the newest screen printing Screen Washing System to hit the industry in 2012! But first, we want to thank Jonathan from Catspit Productions (see this & other RhinoTech "how-to" videos all month @ who deemed this a cool, highly worthy cleaning system and then helped us produce this video. 

The best feature of the 2536 High Pressure (HP) screen cleaning system is that it offers a way for the operator to gain a controlled environment in which to: develop and degrease screens, reclaim screens; perform ink removal, stencil and haze removal (to banish ghost images) – all in one box. The RhinoClean 2536 holds up to 1/25″ x 36″ screen frame or 2/20″ x 24″ frames.

By bundling multiple functions this way,  graphics and textile screen printers have an improved method to handle what the general consensus is “the worst job in the shop”.

As an example, to develop a screen in this high-pressure screen washing system, the operator is able to adjust up to 1,500 PSI. With an effective traveling arm and rotation of the spinner that has a timed cycle, consistency is gained during the developing process whether you make two or 200. 

Another great attribute is its compatibility with Water Filtration Systems (the M-10) and, of course, RhinoClean Green² chemicals in an effort to minimize the screen printing industry’s carbon footprint on our mother earth.
And to go a step further in our eco-sensitive mode, the addition of a Water Filtration System  that is compatible to the 2536 HP will enable a filter media to filter out solids prior to water going down the drain.

Other features of the RhinoClean 2536 HP Screen Frame Cleaning System: Polypropylene Construction, Chemical Resistance, a Traveling, Two Headed Rotating Spray Wand and Easy Clean Drain.

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