Wednesday, October 5, 2011

RhinoBond and Activator Save a Golf Game.

Fix your golf shoe sole! Spray RhinoBond™ RBP1500 Primer™ (or Activator) on one side and then apply RhinoBond Toughened on the other side. Press the two together and VOILA! In less than 30 seconds, a permanent bond will result; the golf game will NOT be hindered! We know this to be true.....
For use in screen printing, RhinoBond™ RBP1500 Primer™ (or Activator) works this way: on a clean, dry frame (all types) with the mesh stretched so that it is in good contact with the frame, apply a bead of RhinoBond Adhesive and spread evenly onto the frame surface.

Use RBP 1500 to lightly mist the surface of the glue. This will ACTIVATE it to dry in approximately 30 seconds or less. In high humidity areas, RhinoBond Adhesives will dry even more rapidly.

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