Sunday, August 18, 2013

Boom! SinglePrint™ plus smart Designer X6 Creative Assistant!

 Here it is! Dramatically speed up logo/print/design ideas and production (choosing from 100s of designs included in the software) resulting in brilliant color and graphic transfers via weedless, SinglePrint™ laser, heat transfer paper and smart Designer X6 Creative Assistant!

Check out all packages and ways you can up your production and bottom-line, as a result. 

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Here's the Q & A on SingleStep ™ !

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SingleStep video. So....until I can get the problem remedied, please click on:

To learn how to print on black t-shirts and other dark garments/hats/caps to add drama and value, click on: SingleStep w/Foil!

And, if you still have questions/comments after viewing, please contact our customer service specialist, Chris, @ 651-686-5027 
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The RhinoTech Team


this shirt was printed w/SingleStep
the dog was a bonus!