Tuesday, August 25, 2009

RhinoTech Produces: How to Prepare a Newly Stretched Textile Screen Printing Frame


To begin this simple, quick and easy process:
1) place the screen in the RhinoTech Washout Booth so that you have an accessible work space complete with water. This self-contained unit will allow you to apply the screen prep and then rinse it off easily with no mess.

2) apply RhinoTech SPG 2255 to the entire screen using a circular motion. Scrub it in thoroughly on both sides. Not only will it degrease the screen, it will abrade it ever so lightly so that when applying capillary films, the result will be a superior bond mesh.

3) rinse the screen on both sides. If you are using capillary film, it is ready to be applied.

4) if you are using emulsion, first place screen in the RhinoTech Screen Drying Rack until the screen dries thoroughly before coating.

Your cleaned screen will now serve you through many, many screen printing jobs! View a demo of "How to Prep a Screen" here and on YouTube.com :


Monday, August 17, 2009

A Discovery in Minneapolis by RhinoTech!

We've discovered a great shop in Minneapolis, Birch Clothing, that offers stylish clothing from beautiful, organic cotton and bamboo for both men and women. Plus, they have gift items, a beautiful skin care line, outrageous hand bags, scarves, soy candles and yoga gear. We like their attitude and their attention to "fair-trade". And it has been especially revealing, in discussions with the owner and general manager, with regard to their interest in the screen printing process and desire for garments utilizing a low-impact process.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Julie and Julia and screenprinting.

Just saw Julie and Julia- a great laugh made even funnier when thinking of Dan Ackroyd as Julia Child on Saturday Night Live those many years ago! She is the epitome of perseverance; working on a cook book for eight years, rewriting it etc. and then after rejection, finally seeing her first book published. She really was bigger than life and demonstrated, yet again, that even when facing tough times (like our current economy), creativity and pushing through can and will enable us all to maintain! RhinoTech continues to be creative in product offerings such as RhinoBond ~ Crystal for embroiderers looking for a great adhesive with long lasting staying power. The same holds true for its counterpart for screen printers with RhinoBond and RhinoMite and all other bold "green" chemical offerings (http://www.rhinotechinc.com).