Monday, November 25, 2013

BOOM! So Many Holidays - DIY with an Iron and SingleJet™!

Craftsters and hobbyists unite!
Want a simple, small space DIY set-up? SingleJetheat transfer paper works with inkjet printers in just these types of areas. Easily transfer brilliant design and dramatic colors onto white and light color fabrics, such as t-shirts, hats, golf towels, duffles, pillow cases, hot yoga mat towels and other garments using a regular, common, every day household iron. 

Create these!
Also use SingleJet  to print photos, flat color design text, block graphics and spot colors.  A home or studio-type environment offers killer space to print your own swag and specialty gifts that you will probably be distributing during the many upcoming holidays in November and December (and throughout the year) that you, your friends/family will joyously celebrate together, locally or globally.

Round out your set-up with any one of the RhinoTech heat presses along with a recommended Epson 1430 Inkjet Printer (order direct from Epson for $299 and free shipping).

Remember...RhinoTech offers FREE SHIPPING in the contiguous U.S. of A. on all orders of $50+.
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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Blending Digital Printing with Screen Printing is a Beautiful Necessity.

RhinoTech is SCREEN printing!

RhinoTech is DIGITAL printing!
This is how we've expanded. This is how you can manage it.

RhinoTech’s roots run deep into traditional textile screen printing. Our expertise has been in offering eco-friendly, ‘green’ screen cleaning chemicals along with one and two-part adhesives (GLUE); washout booths, filtration, recirculation, screen stretching systems; soak tanks, screen frames, pressure washers, rolling racks, screen drying cabinets, automatic screen cleaning systems, ink removal systems, water vacuums, exposure systems, flash dryers, bucket cleaning systems and screen/graphics printing supplies. 

And then the advent of the digital era triggered new opportunities - and we were all in! the merger has been a beautiful thing!
The immersion of digital printing into screen/graphics printing shops exemplifies the “new normal” in an expanding and changing marketplace. It is rooted in plain/practical economics; that by being fully engaged in meeting digital technology needs, a broadened business base is captured. Enlarging digital printing equipment and transfer paper options ensures that our customers have what they need to expand their shops. And, fulfill the clear demands of their current and future customers who have short-run projects (generally less than 100 items). 

The benefits are many for screen printers who include digital printing services: 1) set-up time becomes almost non-existent; 2) set-up fees for the customer are eliminated; 3) current customers are retained; 4) a larger customer base is realized as every project will be able to be fulfilled, not matter its size; 5) the bottom-line goal is increased as profits from digital printing boosts income.

Enter the digital printing arena for just $1,883 with a RhinoTech set-up that includes an OKI Data Color Laser Printer, RT-SW1515 Swing Away Heat Press RT-SW1515 Swing Away Heat Press, and SingleStep™ Weed Less Laser Paper. 100 pack 8.5"x11", smartDESIGNER™ X6 Creative Assistant  Digital Art Pack. 

With an 8’ table, a rack for nominal inventory storage and minimal floor space, a Digital Transfer Printing set-up can be up and running with little lead time. 

For $5,220, the RT Digital Transfer Business Pro Pack offers: a Laser Printer,
RT-SW1620 Swing Away Heat Press, RT-Mug Press, RT-Cap Press Swing Away, RT-Plate Press, SingleStep™ Weed Less Laser Paper 100 pack 11"x17", SinglePrint™ Multi Surface Transfer Paper 100 pack 11"x17", smartDESIGNER™ X6 Creative Assistant  Digital Art Pack. With this system, all bases are covered.

SinglePrint™ is a heat transfer laser paper that is used to print on multiple surfaces such as light color mugs, plaques, glass, ceramic, metal, leather, and acrylic. Print dog tags, guitar picks, wood and glass plaques. Imagination essential!

SingleJet is a heat transfer paper for ink jet printers that is a one step process. It prints brilliant color bursts of design on white and light color fabrics. The paper can also be used to print a photo, flat color design text, block graphics and spot colors. 

SingleStep™ is a weedless, heat transfer laser paper that transfers toner, not the background film onto light color fabrics. Embellish it with Textile Metallic Foil to print on DARK t-shirts, hats, pillow, towels and other fabric to add vivid color, drama and value!
 Please contact us if you have questions/comments. We so appreciate your interest!

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MORE GREAT INDUSTRY NEWS: Visit our blog  Tumblr

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