Tuesday, September 20, 2011

RhinoMite Adhesive 1000K

RMA 1000K RhinoMite™ RMA 1000K™ Frame Adhesive is notoriously recognizable for its vivid red color, its ability to expedite drying (in 8-15 minutes) and, when mixed with a catalyst, it has extended pot life of 3-5 days (as opposed to KiwoBond that is under two hours). It offers exceptional results when using high mesh tension screens and those with the finest mesh counts. RMA 1000K™ bonds to all types of frames with superior attachment characteristics. As a low viscosity frame adhesive, RMA 1000K™ also spreads easily and quickly and has very little odor. RMA 1000K™ is available in 1 quart or 1 kilo, 1 gallon or 5 kilos or in 53 gallon drums or 265 kilos. We encourage you to try RMA 1000K™ Frame Adhesive and, along the way, SAVE BIG MONEY and INCREASE YOUR PROFIT MARGINS due to the product’s extended pot life and ease of use.

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