Friday, January 20, 2012


 It is not a speculation to say that every screen printer strives to uncover  the perfect FRAME ADHESIVE. So how do you choose a frame adhesive without hours and hours of research, sampling, trial and error? Do you rely on manufacturers, sales reps, word-of-mouth? The answer is YES, yes and YES.

And in this case, it is the infinite practical experiences of our very own screen printers who, when  newbies in the textile screen printing industry, eventually turned into entrepreneurial manufacturers to perfect a flawless blend for themselves. In doing so, the world-wide screen printing industry continues to benefit from the use of both one and two-part frame adhesives that deliver unparalleled, enduring bonds of mesh to screen printing frames  (of all types). And, in the process, have removed the questions about which frame adhesive to use. The first one we'll introduce that has proven to be a market and industry game changer is RhinoMite, a two-part frame adhesive. Outstanding features include:

Durability – this adhesive creates a permanent bond when bonding mesh to frame; it is abrasion resistant and stands up under wear and tear during the daily reclaiming of a screen for reuse (using chemical screen and press wash). RhinoMite can be removed with a frame adhesive remover like ARP 2600.

Flexibility  – designed so that during use under squeegee pressure, the frame adhesive  won’t release from the frame.  And this characteristic is important to ensure its long lasting durability.

The Minimal or Low Odor Factor – what can we say about this other than it is important that a screen maker  NOT be overwhelmed with an odor-producing product, so viola! RhinoMite has a very low odor.

Red or Clear Color – RhinoMite is available in either color at the prerogative of screen printer who either wants to see the adhesive as it is applied on the frame or not.

Long Pot Life – this is especially critical and, unlike other products that have a short 1 – 3 hour pot life, RhinoMite Frame Adhesive can be used up to 5 days after catalyzed when properly sealed in an air tight container.  You get the benefits of a product easy to work with over a period of time with less waste of adhesive, money and time.

Variety of Viscosities – this is important when a screen maker is using many different grades of mesh counts. Because RhinoMite Frame Adhesive is available in 15, 17 and 19% solids content,  the thinner the adhesive the easier it is to penetrate through the weave of high mesh counts (305 and higher) to enable a thorough, superior bond to frame.
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