Thursday, December 12, 2013




They are necessary to open/loosen screen frame mesh fibers that have been clogged with either water-based or other types of ink. Use with aluminum, wood, metal, rolling and retentionable screen frames. 

Here are two great choices for use in any type of shop setting:
  •  SO100, a biodegradable, aerosol screen opener that cleans water-based ink build-up from screen frames!   
  • multi-purpose SO105  screen opener that removes all types of ink build-up from screen frames AND quickly flashes off w/o leaving a residue.
These are perfect Aerosol Adhesives used to ensure that screen printing projects stay in place on the platen, won't transfer to fabric, are strong enough to hold sweatshirt material securely, are repositionable and hold tack over many screen passes:

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Crush that Color w/SingleJet heat transfer paper!

Want crisp detail, rich color and fine resolution on all your transfer prints and products? No problem achieving this with SingleJetheat transfer paper used with an inkjet printer!

Drive creativity with SingleJet™?
SingleJet can be used to print photos on textiles that are big gift items during the holiday season. There is no problem digitally reproducing animal, human and scenery photo's on shirts and other white and light fabric items due to the latest paper/printer/heat press technology. You can also print band logos with big block graphics, flat color design text and spot colors. Designs will pop with a paper that is geared toward turning out fine detail due to high resolution and vivid tone results.

Drive product value and brilliance to new heights.
Anytime a printed design involves sharp detail and rich colors, an increased value can be attached to the product. In combination with beads, rhinestones and/or embroidery that adds even more dimension to textile products, you can add greater worth to the item to increase the profit margin. A $30 hat or t-shirt - no problem!

Speed it up.
Sporting events, a massive holiday season and all other gift giving celebrations create time crunches for printers. To meet demands, a complete digital heat transfer printing system, as a stand-alone or as part of a traditional screen printing shop, will majorly assist in speeding up art design and production. 

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