Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dramatic Screen Printing Degreaser by RhinoTech

RT DGG2200 is part of the RhinoClean Green family of environmentally secure products. It is a biodegradable degreaser that is a non-abrasive fabric treatment. This degreaser acts as a wetting agent for use on all synthetic and wire screen mesh. It offers an even sheeting of water for complete uniform stencil adhesion. DGG2200 improves film lamination and bonding of direct photo emulsions. It is recommended for use before each stencil preparation.

Following these directions for a perfect, simple and easy way to Degrease a Screen from a guy in the know:

Step 1: Place screen upright in a RhinoTech Washout Booth.
Step 2: Apply RT DGG2200 in a uniform pattern working from top to bottom of screen.
Step 3: Using a soft nylon bristle brush, scrub both sides of the mesh.
Step 4: Rinse off with water using a RhinoTech Pressure Washer.

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