Tuesday, October 7, 2014

RhinoTech Shares a Way to Showcase Products on LinkedIn

All of us are continually looking for ways to augment our brands, our SALES and marketing, our Google position and recognition in a competitive industry.

And, RhinoTech is no exception.

We're always searching for new PR opportunities and ways to showcase RhinoClean Washout Booths, our complete line of eco-friendly screen cleaning products, the latest digital printing systems that include heat transfer papers for inkjet and laser printers, ink that is Fluorescent and traditional CMYK, all types of screen printing equipment and supplies and more.

We found this highly interesting and helpful article to share.

Thanks to Brand Love and Lisa Dougherty for the following (excerpted) article, "What the “Bleep” is a LinkedIn Showcase Page and How Do I Create One? (September 10, 2014)". It's another good read and a way to take a leap to profile a company for maximum exposure.

     Goodbye to the Products & Services tabs on LinkedIn Company Pages. Say hello to Showcase Pages.What are Showcase Pages you ask? First of all, they are free to set up. Second, they are the child pages to the parent Company Page. Sort of like micro sites or 'niche' pages to your main Company Page.

What's cool about these pages is that they allow you to target a specific audience or buyer and then track how well the page is performing with dedicated page analytics. LinkedIn users can choose to follow your main Company Page and/or follow specific Showcase Pages based on their interest level. This will help clean up their news feed with only content they are really interested in. Key elements for brands that want to focus on building relationships and driving engagement because their readers are more likely to engage in content that is relevant to them.

Read on to find out the differences between Company Pages and Showcase pages, whether or not it would be a good idea to build Showcase Pages for your company, and how to set them up including requirements and design specs and last, but not least, optimize them for SEO.

What's the Difference Between A Showcase Page and A Company Page?
Showcase Pages act as an extension of your Company Page with the following features:
  • A larger hero image. A hero image is a fancier way to say banner image or photo image. Check out one of Cisco's Showcase Pages below. Hero images only link back to your company page.
  • A two-column page layout. Just like a newspaper with top placement for most recent content.
  • Updates are delivered to followers’ feeds across mobile, tablet and desktop devices.
  • An auto-generated, non-customizable Vanity URL exists in the following format: linkedin.com/company/[showcase_page_name]. According to LinkedIn, they are exploring the opportunity to have a customizable Vanity URL available in the future.
  • A more targeted, interested audience to market to.
  • Employee profiles cannot be associated with a Showcase Page.
  • Each Showcase Page has dedicated page analytics. Company Page analytics remains separate.
Cisco: An Early Adopter of Showcase Pages
They do a great job representing their brand with both their Company Page and Showcase Pages.

The Cisco Company Page
The Company Page is a great place to drive brand awareness, promote general company information to target potential customers, press releases and career opportunities.

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