Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Iron-On Designs by RhinoTech


As a refresher, SingleJetheat transfer paper is for use with inkjet printers (we recommend the Epson 1430).  This paper offers an easy way in which to transfer a digitally printed design onto white and light color t-shirts, pillow cases, golf towels, baby bibs, bags and more.


In this video demonstration, we’ve printed out an image that you will use in a right reading position. With a regular iron, you will view the simple steps it takes to transform a plain, white t-shirt into a keepsake, a t-shirt trend and/or reunion wear. Happy ironing!

Step 1: Position shirt onto a hard surface.

Step 2: Use an iron on the high setting. Do not use water.

Step 3: Begin ironing the shirt to heat up the area where you will place the design on the shirt and to remove wrinkles.

Step 4: Position transfer onto the shirt.

Step 5: Start ironing at top section of the transfer and continue ironing all the outer edges.

Step 6: Iron the entire surface of the design for 1.5 minutes using FIRM pressure.

Step 7: Hot peel the design by starting at corner of transfer and smoothly rolling it off the shirt.

Final Step: Place parchment paper over surface of the design and iron for a few more seconds.

Remove parchment paper and Voila! Good color, washability and durability result.

Thanks for watching. We appreciate your interest. 

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