Monday, July 2, 2012

Print 1 T-shirt or 200 with Ease!

RhinoTech Heat Transfer Technologies includes a range of heat presses and transfer papers. These enable screen printers to have the advantage of both traditional and heat press printing in one space. Heat press technology enables short run projects to be expedited and to stay in-house. Equipment space saving features, minimal inventory requirements and recyclable papers are also serious advantages.

Printed with SingleStep

Heatpress technology and papers include:

• the uPress 1620 that is a high performance, industrial strength system with a 16” x 20” platen size. The uPress 1620 HD is its heavy duty format counterpart.

• The mPress #1 Mug Heat Press is a great start-up press with digital display and touch keys that make it easy to adjust controls.

• RhinoScreen 1620 is a power-packed, table-top system. It features a clam shell unit with a platen size of 16” x 20”. Its wide, easy to use, precision center floating heat platen makes it the most widely used printer in the industry.

• 3G Jet-Opaque Ink Jet Paper that offers printable transfers to dark fabrics.

• SingleStep Weed-Less Laser Paper that only transfers the toner not the background film!  Can also be used with foils to decorate dark fabrics.

• Jet Pro Active Wear Ink Jet Paper that is excellent for athletic wear and synthetic fibers.

• JetPro SoftStretch Ink Jet Paper that is soft, stretchy heat transfer paper with unbelievable elasticity.

For specific information: Gregory Markus, president, 651-686-5027 ext. 2,

Todd Michaels, VP/Operations, 651-686-5027 ext. 1
888.717.4466;  651.686-5027