Tuesday, July 14, 2015


You already know about RhinoDARK™ heat transfer paper for DARK garments. Not only is it a radical way to DIGITALLY transfer brilliant color and intense white to all DARK apparel and fabrics, it’s also weedless. You can apply it to 50/50 blends, 100% Cotton and polyester like Dri-Fit fabric.

In this latest step-by-stepvideo, watch how to use it in conjunction with Textile Metallic Foil to increase the shirt’s value, appearance and appeal.

These are the steps on how to add Textile Metallic Foil:
Crinkle foil by crunching and crushing and rolling it around.
Next, flatten the foil.
Place it on top of the design on the shirt that you’ve already positioned onto the heat press platen.
Heat press at 330 degrees F for 25-30 seconds.
Let shirt cool.
Carefully roll metallic foil off the shirt and Voila! A major pop of metallic color!

Again, for just pennies worth of foil, the value of your product has been raised by a minimum of $2 (or whatever you decide your marketplace can handle).

Find Textile Metallic Foil that comes in rolls @ http://rhinotechinc.com/digital-transfer/heat-transfer-foil.

RhinoDARK is available in 8.5” x 11” and 11” x 17” and found @: http://rhinotechinc.com/digital-transfer/heat-transfer-paper

Because even pressure, time and temperature are important factors in a heat press when you want to achieve the best results, find the auto-release, RT DK20A Heat Press w/digital controls for time, temperature and pressure @: http://rhinotechinc.com/digital-transfer/Heat%20Press/RT%20DK20A

And, find great performing OKI laser printers from RhinoTech @:

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