Thursday, April 4, 2013

Why Commercial Printers NEED a Heavy Duty Pressure Washer.

 Wanted to share this product review regarding the reasons why it is sound financial practice to make purchases that will fit your business/printing needs as a commercial screen and/or graphics printer. Yes, it's a bigger investment up-front, but in the long term you will have saved time, money and energy by not having to replace a homeowner unit several times in a year.
 Screen Printing: Heavy Duty Pressure Washer From RhinoTech
I was accused of selling out! Watch this video and hear what I have to say about that. It’s a quick introduction to my new pressure washer from RhinoTech. This is the pressure washer I introduced in the trade show video at ISS in Long Beach. In this video I explain who I recommend this product for and why. I also share with you my home owners picks from which I have affiliate links for on my website. It’s another fun and informative video with your screenprinting buddy, Jonathan.
 ...... Hear what Jonathan has to say in this video and learn why he suggests this pressure washer and to whom. You’ll also get some close up views of the pressure washer and its components as Jonathan describes the build to you. If you’re a commercial screen printer who uses your pressure washer daily and you’re tired of buying homeowner units only to replace them, then watch this video. You’ll be very happy you did (per Jonathan)!
 Stay tuned for Part 2!

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