Sunday, April 19, 2015


It’s comparable to a tattoo artist who transforms her art into a digital heat transfer that is heat pressed onto a shirt that will be worn and freely marketed in public. 

Or ... similar to the textile printer  who designs a t-shirt for a concert promoter or a or motorcyle shop owner and 10,000 people buy the shirts due to the emotion the shirt's design has instigated.
This is art on the move. It’s transformative and captures us all at some point in life - overtly or subliminally.

The Power to Influence with help from RhinoTech.

In our creative industry, the influence of art surrounds us on a daily basis. With creative minds and spirits, color and design that permeates our beings and with textile and digital heat transfer printing equipment and supplies at our disposal, we have powerful, wonderful tools in which to make an impact on others. What a marvel it is that we can insight laughter, make a statement, get a nod of approval; generate excitement, joy, desire and/or displeasure - all due to the wearable art we produce. 

The Tools.

To digitally print onto DARK shirts and other apparel and fabrics with a laser printer:
RhinoDARK (in 2 sizes) and RT SunAngel DARK heat transfer papers.

We recommend these Laser Printers:  OKI 711WT, OKI 920 WT, 

To digitally print onto DARK apparel with an Inkjet Printer: SingleJet Opaque heat transfer paper.
We recommend the Epson 1430. 

To print onto White and light color apparel and fabric, click HERE for a multitude of heat transfer paper choices.

Be sure to purchase a high-quality heat press from RhinoTech and get hi-quality results.

Another Life Altering Art Form.

CAPTURING GRACE is a documentary film by Dave Iverson. The film depicts what happens when the acclaimed dancers from Brooklyn’s world-renowned Mark Morris Dance Group and  people with Parkinson’s disease forge a community as they work together to create a unique, life-changing performance…..and who demonstrate the transformative power of art and the strength of the human spirit.

CAPTURING GRACE is a beautiful story. You will laugh and cry. And, you will be reminded, again, that no matter the type of art form, it's still an avenue toward awakening something more in us, a way to be moved toward new ideas and expression. Or not. And, that's a type of expression, too.
The film will be released to all PBS stations on June 22, 2015. Enjoy!

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