Thursday, April 21, 2016

Create Digitally Printed Photo Gifts.

A special keepsake of a significant life event is priceless. It lifts the spirits, jogs a memory and let's us revisit that once-in-a-lifetime moment when all was right with the world. 

To help capture this nostalgia for your customers, RhinoTech offers you the ability to digitally transfer photos onto pillow cases (like the one pictured above), puzzle blanks, t-shirts, caps, towels, hoodies, golf towels and other apparel. The key is to use SingleJet Heat Transfer Paper, an Epson 1430 Inkjet Printer and a Swingman Heat Press. To create other vivid color and black and white photo gift items on light color garments, SingleJet II is also an option. And, to digitally transfer to all dark garments and fabric, SingleJet Opaque is the choice (with the recommended Epson 1430 inkjet printer).

RhinoTech also offers laser printing applications with its RT Digital Transfer Professional Printing package and other types of heat transfer bundles. 
This Pro set includes: the OKI 920WT White Toner Laser Printer that prints full-color, self-weeding transfers; the OKI c831-TS Laser Printer with CMYK toners; SinglePrint™Heat Transfer Paper that enables you to transfer photo images to multiple types of light color hard surfaces, such as glass, ceramic, metal, wood, card stock and mouse pads; RhinoDARK™ Heat Transfer Paper for DARK fabrics and garments; SingleStep™ Heat Transfer Paper for Light/White color apparel and fabrics such as, towels, t-shirts and other fabric; a two-stationed, SwingMan20D Twin 16” x 20” that is a top of the line heat press; a Smart DESIGNER X6 Ready Volume 1 Design Package Software and Parchment Paper. 

RhinoDARK Heat Transfer Paper w/Printer & Transfer Instructions. Click on this HOW-TO video and be awed.

Big shout out to everyone from RhinoTech. Thanks for being our customers and future customers; our reps and friends.

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