Monday, January 9, 2012

Linkedin with You?

RhinoTech in Dubrovnik, Croatia

RhinoTech is officially up on Linkedin via our Marketing Director, Shelley Markus (your patience is appreciated as we slowly learn how to navigate this new site). Please extend an invite so that we can connect with you, learn your needs and dislikes, offer assistance. And we can help you sample and acquire primary adhesives like RhinoBond and RhinoMite that are a screen printers first choice, RhinoClean Green products and affordable equipment that you require to run a profitable and efficient business.

In an attempt to provide as much hands-on help as possible, we've just completed a new series of "How-To" videos that will be up on in February (sans Greg's hat to the consternation of may viewers). And that's just a few weeks away! In the meantime, these videos remain up-to-date regarding the practical, profitable way to screen print.

Find us at; call us at 651-686-5027 ext. 1 or 2, 888-717-4466;