Thursday, August 11, 2016

Custom Mouse Pads.

Mouse pad printing made easy with SingleStep™

Again, this laser paper offers a finished product that looks as if it’s been screen printed.  When transferred onto white/light color mouse pads, it leaves no window; only the toner transfers. And, it’s weedless. It’s available in 8.5” x 11” and 11” x 17”

To print the design, we used the OKI c831-TS LASER printer that is a CMYK printer. Simply follow directions on the instruction sheet that is included. And, we recommend using a Swingman 20 Heat Press with digital time, temperature and pressure controls.

Follow these steps to create a Mouse Pad:

-Print design in MIRROR IMAGE, so that it will end up being RIGHT READING.
-Position mouse pad onto heat press bed.
-With MEDIUM PRESSURE, heat press for 25 seconds at 330° F.
- Carefully, HOT PEEL the transfer by beginning at a corner and rolling the paper back in one smooth motion.

And, that’s it. In just 30 seconds, your customer can have a customized mouse pad.


- SingleStep™ Heat Transfer Paper that offers an easy step toward adding another dimension of customer service to a digital, screen printing or embroidery shop with little investment.
-Swingman20 Heat Press with digital time, temp and pressure controls – a must-have.

Craftsters and hobbyists can also easily work with this affordable system in a home-based studio or garage environment.

Thanks for watching “mousepads made easily” and all our other how-to videos. If you have questions and/or would like to set-up training in our Eagan, MN, training facility, please contact Greg at or 651-686-5027 x 2. We want to help you become and remain wildly successful.

Monday, August 1, 2016

SingleStep™ - the Latest Update

In this updated video on SingleStep™ heat transfer, laser paper, you’ll be able to see why it is one of the most requested weedless papers that RhinoTech offers. Once the design is transferred onto white/light color fabric, it leaves no window -- it only transfers the toner. The finished product looks like it’s been screen printed.

Use on 100% cotton, DriFit/polyester and 50/50 blends. And, the paper is available in 8.5” x 11” and 11” x 17”.

We used an OKI c831-TSprinter to print the image because it’s been especially designed for garment decoration. We recommend it because the results are excellent and we also sell it because of the results. When the image is heat transferred onto a Gildan t-shirt, you’ll be able to see the vivid print.

For the heat press, we recommend and use the Swingman 20 with digital time, temperature and pressure controls. A quality heat press will help you produce an outstanding final product. We’re not kidding.


-Print design in mirror image, so that it will end up being right reading.
-Next, heat press the shirt for 5-8 seconds with MEDIUM PRESSURE to remove wrinkles and moisture.
-Using MEDIUM PRESSURE, heat press for 25 seconds at 330° F.
-And, then, very carefully, HOT PEEL transfer by beginning at a corner and rolling the paper back in one smooth motion.
-An extra step is position the shirt, again, onto the heat press bed.
-Add parchment paper on top and then heat press for approximately 10 seconds. This helps ensure that the design will be embedded into the fibers of the shirt.

That’s it. SingleStep is an easy step toward adding another dimension of customer service to a screen printing or embroidery shop with little investment.

Really appreciate you watching the video. If you have questions and/or would like to set-up training in our Eagan, MN, training facility, please contact Greg at or 61-686-5027 x 2.

 Always FREE SHIPPING opportunities in the contiguous U.S.A. w/a $50 minimum purchase. And, we ship world-wide.

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Friday, July 29, 2016

Screen Frame and Stretching Tools Kit from RhinoTech

This new frame system can be used as a stand-alone or to complement the RhinoScreen™ 2.0 Dry Stencil Film system with its disposable screen mesh option.
View our step-by-step video demo with screen frame assembly instructions and the excellent results you’ll achieve. Especially notable is the 30 Newton or greater tension of the mesh.

Want some options?

Option 1: Purchase the Screen Frame system as a KIT that includes: aluminum screen frame (assembly required), 3 pieces of 125 mesh, 2/stretching devices, a locking tool, coded color spines, mini-squeegee.

Option 2: Order frames independently choosing RS-Mesh available in 10 packs of either 125 or 160 mesh.


-Screen Frames are self-tensioning that easily lock into place with locking bolts.

-Frame is 21” x 25” and will fit onto a 
16” x 20 heat press bed.

-RS-Mesh is pre-cut to 24” x  28” for 125 and 160 mesh counts.

 is yours with a $50 purchase that is delivered in the contiguous U.S.A.

And, we do ship world-wide.

888-717-4466    651-686-5027 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Dry Stencil Film Step-by-Step Instructions

RhinoScreen2.0 Dry Stencil Film is the latest generation of stencil film. No film positive, emulsion, capillary film, exposure or drying time is needed with this system. It’s just a cool, two- paper stencil system that includes an Image Sheet and a Transfer Sheet.
And, RhinoScreen 2.0 Dry Stencil Film works really well for spot color, one and multi-color printing projects.

Use this film with a wide range of laser printers. We especially like to use it with the OKI c831-TS.


Print design right reading in a negative image and this will become the stencil.

  • Marry the Image and Transfer sheets together with Transfer Sheet on top.
  • Turn back a corner so it will be easier when you start to peel.
  • Place parchment paper on heat transfer bed.
  • Place Image and Transfer sheets onto the bed.
  • Add parchment paper on top.
  • Using HEAVY PRESSURE, heat press at 210 degrees F for 10 seconds.
  • HOT PEEL by starting at a corner and slowly peeling in one smooth motion.
  • Notice that the coating has transferred to the Image sheet. This enables the ability to bond to the screen.
  • Next, change temp to 375 degrees F. This Swingman Heat Press will heat up quite quickly. And, it’s got digital time and temp gauges.
  • Place screen frame on top of parchment paper on heat press bed.
  • Place Image Sheet onto bottom of screen frame.
  • Add parchment paper on top.
  • Heat press for 30 seconds with MEDIUM PRESSURE.
  • COOL PEEL in one smooth motion.     

BEGIN PRINTING by blocking out the outside of the design and have at it.

Again, no film positive, emulsion, capillary film, exposure or drying time needed with RhinoScreen2.0 Dry Stencil Film. And, it’s available in 8.5” x 11” and 11” x 17”.

Questions? 651-686-5027 ex. 4 or 2;

Thanks for watching our video. We look forward to working with you.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A Screen Printing Story

After examining every inch of our washout booth (and exposure system, drying rack and dip tank) on our trade show booth exhibit, we heard the audible, cringe-worthy whisper of one (potential) customer to another, “don’t buy it, build it”.  

Don't Make It, Buy It

That statement is definitely not something that a manufacturer or rep of all-things-screen printing wants to ever overhear. But…we get it. It’s understandable in a creative industry where small business owners are used to finding ingenious solutions to their needs when money is tight, especially in the start-up phase of a one or two-person operation.

And, hey, we did this in another venue when the overload of medieval jousting, food (especially the very large turkey legs), revelry and costumes added up to making a fateful decision like deciding NOT to spend $25 for a sparkly, little princess-type, cone-shaped veil/hat because “it could be made for far less money yet, equally as well done". Well, for double the money (or more – lost track of expenses) and about 25 hours of tedious sewing,  the veil/cone hat should have just been purchased - the end. LESSON LEARNED.

And, really, the same principal applies when it comes to the “make it, don’t buy it” sentiment, especially when the story is scary. The worst that was told to us was the customer who built a makeshift, glass shower door washout booth that ended up shattering (no one was hurt). Not much of a savings with that one, but LESSON LEARNED. A RhinoClean washout booth purchased. 

We hope you’ll take some time to review our washout booths in standard sizes and all the other equipment that goes into assembling the functions required of a screen printing business. You’ll be wildly happy that you did, especially because it’s affordable and well-made.

Powered by RhinoTech

RhinoClean Washout Booths offer standard and custom sizes in both Polypro and stainless steel. 

Dip Tanks offer a way to remove emulsion quickly and efficiently. Use it with multi-purpose AP1000 or other RhinoClean Emulsion Removers.

Pressure Washers range from automatic to manual cleaners. The choices are numerous; our top selling pressure washer is the RS150A.

Filtration Systems – three great systems and sizes with triple-action filtration for the max.

Monday, May 23, 2016

The Versatility of the T-shirt Sets the Standard.

Diane Von Furstenberg, NYC
We're always re-defining ourselves, it seems, especially when it comes to fashion and the need to be comfortable. So - we propose these stylish, yet, classic looks for evening and special occasions by rejuvenating the going-out dress code. Yes, pair a fave graphic, glam, vintage or rocker T-shirt that is in-good-shape and form-fitting with a long, flowy skirt or flowy pants like on the mannequin.  
For men, the same dress-up-with-comfort appeal holds true especially when pairing a favorite, great fitting, in-good-condition t-shirt under a jacket with dress jeans and cool shoes. Both looks are the ultimate in evening wear from NYC, Gladwin, L.A., Sioux Falls to Miami. Whether on small or grand scales, these ensembles resonate due to their subtle chic and the big comfort factor.

Take the look (at right) to a whole new level by pairing with a black tuxedo jacket. Striking. 

TOOLS for SCREEN and DIGITAL PRINTERS powered by RhinoTech

Easily create a multi-media evening or event look for your customers with the use of screen printed and digitally, heat transferred printed T-shirts and tanks.  By overlaying textile metallic foil, rhinestones and strategic embroidery (that cost just pennies to add, but increase product value), specialty decorative garments will enable your customers to radiate a sublime sophistication or, quite elegantly, revamp their dress-up statement. 

For the perfect, digitally printed Tee or tank, use RhinoDARK™ for all dark garments and SingleStep (for light color apparel) heat transfer papers (that work with laser printers). These papers induce a finished product that is very similar to a screen printed Tee and the more they are washed, the softer they feel.

Both of these self-weeding papers offer brilliant color and intense white on DARK and light color garments on Dri-Fit/polyester, 100% cotton and 50/50 blends.

Create these looks for customers with an assortment how-to videos that describe technique. And, premiere equipment and products that include: manual, textile screen printers, conveyor and flash dryers, drying cabinets, screen stretchers, pre-stretched screen frames with excellent mesh counts, screen cleaning equipment, screen frame glue, screen cleaning products including soy and citrus-based chemicals, automatic ink removal systems (and much more) and screen printing supplies available from RhinoTech.

 is available on all orders of $50+ when delivered in the contiguous U.S.A. (and we do ship world-wide).

QUESTIONS: 888-717-4466