Wednesday, July 8, 2009

RhinoTech's answer to the most asked Screen Printing question - How Do I Stretch A Screen?

HOW DO I STRETCH A FRAME? Here is the answer and “how-to” for new screen printers and those interested in upping their in-house excellence with RhinoBond Adhesives from RhinoTech.

A new aluminum screen must have its surface prepared first so there will be no adhesive failure! In fact, all new or bare frame surfaces must be cleaned prior to beginning the stretching process.

• With the aluminum frame, the surface needs to be either ground or sandblasted to reduce the oxide build-up on the surface. This will enable the most surface area as possible in which to apply RhinoBond adhesive. This will help to ensure a strong bond between the frame and mesh.

• Using a Hand Grinder, such as the Dewalt DW400 4 ½” Angle Grinder with a Grinding Wheel for metal, roughen the surface of the frame working in a circular fashion.

• Wipe the frame surface with a cloth that has a small amount of solvent such as ethyl acetate or acetone. This will remove dust, dirt and other contaminants.


• Stretch the mesh over the frame, making sure that the frame is in direct contact with the fabric (any gap between the frame and fabric will result in a poor bond).

• Now that the mesh has been stretched tightly and is in contact with your frame, apply a small bead of adhesive onto the frame with your squeegee and spread it over the surface of the frame.

NOTE: RhinoBond Instant Frame Adhesive comes in a variety of viscosities (the lower the number, the thinner the product). Low viscosity adhesives are designed to be used with high mesh counts such as 280, 305, 355 etc.


• Now that you have applied the RhinoBond adhesive, use either RBP1500 Pump Spray or RBP1500A Aerosol activator/primer to dry the adhesive. Once sprayed, it will dry in approximately 15-30 seconds.

NOTE: the RhinoBond adhesive is sensitive to RBP 1500 Pump Spray or RBP 1500A Aerosol so…very lightly, spray the activator onto the frame from a distance of at least 10”-12” (25-30 cm). If you spray on to much it will cause the adhesive to turn white and ruin the bond.

• After spraying on the activator, press down on and smooth the fabric to help insure proper frame to fabric contact.

The frame is now ready for production.

When the frame needs to be re-stretched, simply peel off the mesh. If the surface remains smooth, simply follow Sections 2 and 3.

If the surface is not smooth, begin at Section 1 and repeat steps.

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