Monday, March 26, 2012

A Most Unusual Screen Frame Adhesive Story

Three and a half years ago, a customer called us to relate his highly distinctive and irregular use of RhinoBond, our premier screen frame adhesive. It was an astounding story complete with draw-dropping intrigue, air sucked in, a startled, vocal WOW with a slight head snapping back gesture. We had to take this one in.

And this is the story. During a regular work day and typical break from the harried pace of screen printing and deadlines, the screen printer grabbed a candy bar for a quick pick-me-up. As he bit down on the luscious chocolate bar, he heard a c-r-a-c-k and promptly chomped down on a broken piece of tooth. After his initial confusion, he salvaged the part that had broken off.

Since he had no time for a run to the dentist while under a production deadline, he dried off the piece of tooth, confidently applied some RhinoBond, his most trusted screen frame adhesive, and bonded tooth to tooth. And Viola! Walla! There you have it! Tooth repaired in seconds!

We know that look as you absorb the part about RhinoBond in the mouth, on a tooth. Though we voiced our concern over this use and cautioned him, he assured us that this fix would be permanent and not to worry. So…it was his choice and we wished him good luck.

To our great surprise, we received this email a few weeks ago from the very same, tooth-bonding screen printer that read, “Yes, I am still completely satisfied with your screen frame adhesive. I also used it 3 1/2 years ago to glue a tooth back together and it still holds true. Thanks, RhinoBond." 

And thanks back, Mr. Screen Printing customer. Though we don't recommend RhinoBond for this purpose, it sure speaks to its strength and greatness.
love that smile!
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