Monday, May 2, 2011

Trade Show Land by RhinoTech

Mumbai, Dakka, Chicago, Kansas City, Bloomington, Long Beach, Atlantic City,'s been a whirlwind of a tradeshow season that will continue into June. After a hiatus of two years, we decided to test the waters again. Some new products along with regular, super-performing, best selling ones, including the RhinoClean™ Green², environmentally-sensitive line in sample sizes, were available to all guests who visited the RhinoTech booths. Demo's of RhinoScreen Dry Stencil Film meant that Todd and Greg produced many, many, many screens in just two steps after creating the design and printing it using one of the following recommended laser printers: OKI DATA – all models, Xanta – all models; Brother – Monoprint Laser Printer.

It was pure satisfaction watching the faces of screen printers when they discovered that there was/is a system, the latest in the screen printing industry, that eliminates the need for for a film positive, emulsion, capillary film, exposure or drying time.

To see this system and learn about all the RhinoTech products including our RhinoBond and RhinoMite Frame adhesvies, check out our new website (that also includes RhinoTech dealer locations) @

RhinoTech will be exhibiting June 9-11 at the NBM Show in Indianapolis, Booth 443. Contact us for a free pass at
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