Wednesday, June 29, 2011

RhinoBond Performance Grade Instant Adhesive - A Righteous Product!

RhinoBond™ RBA 5™/ 120 / 700 & 900 Performance Grade Instant Adhesives.

From the U.S. to India, RhinoBond has your screens covered! RhinoBond Adhesive requires no premixing of solvents and offers tension holding capabilities of over 80 newtons. The wide range of adhesives available will bond to all types of frames. They dry in seconds and are non-hazardous. Be awed and then purchase at:

<888.717.4466; 651-686-5027;;


  1. i havent heard much about RhinoBond instant adhesive in India much .. maybe its not used for general use and mostly used by companies .. Is it a cyanoacrylate adhesive ?

  2. You are correct. RhinoBond Instant Frame Adhesive is a fast drying cyanoacrylate, but when used with 1500A Accelerator it dries in seconds. Along with our Performance Grade Adhesive, we also manufacture an Economy Grade and RhinoBond Toughened. All are used in the screen printing industry.

    We do not have a distributor in India. If you would like to order/discuss, please contact RhinoTech directly at 651-686-5027 ex. 1, Todd Michaels or Gregory Markus at ext. 2.

    Thanks for your interest; we look forward to working with you.

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