Thursday, February 9, 2012

A High Pressure Screen Frame Cleaning System for Graphics & Screen Printing Industries

This video, produced by CatspitProductions for RhinoTech, is direct to the point. Simply said, the 2536 High Pressure Screen Cleaning System  is versatile enough to develop and degrease screens; remove ink, stencil and haze from screens. Get rid of ghosts for good and reclaim screens! Other features of the latest screen printing equipment to hit the market in 2012:
  • Polypropylene Construction
  • Chemical Resistance
  • A Traveling, Two Headed Rotating Spray Wand
  • Ability to Hold a 25"x36" Screen up to two, 20”x 24” Screens
  • Easy Clean Drain 
  • Safety Kill Switch
And to make it even "greener", add an optional Filtration System, the M10, manually-operated Water Filtration System that comes with 50yrds. of 20 Micron Filter media. 


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