Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Perfect Screen Frame Cleaning Solutions!

They asked and Gregory Markus/president of RhinoTech answered in "Slam Dunk Solutions for Screen Cleaning"! Many thanks to Screen Printing magazine for publishing a step-by-step approach to screen cleaning and reclaiming.This straight-forward tutorial found on ScreenWeb also offers images of each stage in the process along with a simple explanation of each step.

START from here by carding all excess ink of the screen (refer to steps in article)...

APPLY water-soluble SCREEN WASH SWG145C that has a pleasant citrus scent. RINSE w/water to remove excess ink and screen wash (easy steps outlined in article).
NEXT, APPLY ERG8550L, a biodegradable, eco-friendly emulsion/stencil remover to fully reclaim the screen (article says it all).
RINSE SCREEN with a commercial-type PRESSURE WASHER like the RhinoSpray 1500A, heavy duty pressure washer for shops cleaning 20-50 screens per day or the
RhinoSpray 3901R that is a light-duty pressure washer for small, home based/studio type businesses. In the long-term, you'll save money by investing in a substantial pressure washer that will last and last and last (this is a must, as mentioned in the article).
 De-haze with HRG2400 (or HR2800) to remove any left over 'ghost' or haze images on the screen (instructions found in article).
 And there you have it; a fully reclaimed, reusable 
new-looking screen frame!

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