Monday, July 6, 2015

Textile Screen Printer + a Conveyor Dryer - a great, all-in-one Combo.

It’s a Vision with RhinoTech Innovation! 

Introducing the all-inclusive, 4/Color – 2/Station, manual Textile Screen Printer together with a 5’ Conveyor Dryer. The SureCure 5-4/2 Combo, with all-steel, 
powder-coated construction, offers all the flexibility needed to set up a compact, screen printing station in a home, studio or commercial screen printing shop. And, it's a great way to expand service options to customers in a digital, heat transfer business.

Features of the Conveyor Dryer:
110 V, 17 amps.
2,000 Watts.
Adjustable belt speed control with a 20” long belt.
On/off switch for heating element.

Screen Printer Features:
Adjustable and rotates, so that two people have the ability to print in sync w/each other.
Off contact adjustment.
Will hold 20 x 24” frames with 16 x 16 platen.
Guide rollers ensure consistent registration, screen after screen, and it’s held in place with a magnet system.
Easily converts to a Cap Printer by purchasing a cap platen and subframe
Cap frames are made of flex steel. Easily slide, snap and lock cap frame in place.

FREE SHIPPING opportunities on orders of $50+ w/delivery in the contiguous U.S. And, we ship world wide.


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