Sunday, December 19, 2010

RhinoTech in India

As part of his latest visit to Mumbai to attend Screen Print India, Greg also spent time in Ahmadabad, India, meeting with customers. The city of about 7 million people is the 6th largest in India. He also had the opportunity to travel about 250 kilometers to another smaller city where there are 350 ceramic manufacturers, some of who are customers. He said it was a "7 dog, one cow and one donkey" adventure to get there (sadly, the animals were victims of a supremely busy road), but once there was awed by the industry and the rate at which it is booming. And that remains good news for RhinoTech.

RhinoScreen Dry Stencil Film is just one of the products that has been introduced into the ceramic industry. And use of RhinoMite and RhinoBond remains strong.

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