Tuesday, April 17, 2012

For RhinoTech, the race to cure Type 1, insulin-dependent diabetes is  more than just a great cause to support. It’s personal. So…to help spur efforts that will eventually enable researchers to find a cure, RhinoTech sponsors Team Michael in the annual Juvenile DiabetesResearch Foundation,  Walk for the Cure. Held on April 14, 2012 in Sarasota, Florida, the team walked in solidarity with thousands of other walkers/fund raisers from two counties in Florida and from around the world (it’s high-season in Florida w/vacationers and students on spring break).  On behalf of children and young adults living with Type 1 Diabetes and who must take insulin several times a day in order to stay alive, the  money collected  will go toward life-saving research leading to the eventual cure.

Team Michael extends immense thanks to all friends/supporters in the world of screen and graphics printing. We are grateful for your support.

To learn more, please contact Gregory Markus, president of RhinoTech and member of Team Michael/RhinoTech at 651-686-5027 ext. 1.

 Please find us in all the right places:
·         www.rhinotechinc.com
·         facebook.com/rhinotech
·         twitter.com/rhinomitemn
·         info@rhinotechinc.com
·         888.717.4466, 651.686-5027


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