Monday, February 4, 2013

Managing Risk on a Tightrope!

So…I’m still thinking about Nik Wallenda’s successful high wire walk without a net last week (he’s the guy who skywalked Niagara Falls). I watched, reluctantly, and w/great fear for his safety while he walked fearlessly, relying on about 10-12 others on the ground who anchored the tightrope by steadying guide ropes that were attached to the high wire. And it was a windy day. And his wife and children were watching.

I don’t understand that type of risk-taking, yet I feel that in business, it’s a tightrope affair pretty much all the time. Do you agree? 

When Nik Wallenda reached the platform at the top of the crane, he didn’t hesitate. He just stepped onto the wire and walked toward his goal. And I’m certain that he just “went for it” because of extensive, painstaking preparation and trust that allowed him to manage the risk.

I think his pre-walk techniques are the key for all of us in business; to do what is necessary to manage risk. By being meticulous in comparing experience, quality and prices and figuring out who will
‘have our backs’  for the long-term, we prepare ourselves to minimize risk and potential hasty decisions. 

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