Friday, October 18, 2013

A simple, economical way to remove emulsion from a screen frame!

These are DIP Tanks!
With great authority, it is highly recommended that a screen frame that has been used by a screen or graphics printer be plunged into a DIP TANK that has been filled with the 'greenest' emulsion removal chemical, as possible, to remove the stencil and bring the screen mesh back to like-new condition!

Why use a 'green' chemical?
1.     Save time and money by cutting down the amount of cleaning chemicals used in a self-contained Dip Tank (Soak Tank).
      2.     By using a ‘green’ chemical such as RhinoClean Green² Emulsion Remover or  AP1000, an all-in-one Ink Degradent Emulsion Remover, all types
of emulsions can be eliminated quickly and safely from the screen frame!
3.     You are closer to becoming compliant with local city, Parrish, township, county, state &
federal guidelines regarding what goes down the drain.
4. Our industry’s carbon footprint is reduced with a self-contained 
screen cleaning system.

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